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Abandoned Cart Trigger

No one wants to deal with the let down of a customer who starts a checkout process but doesn’t make the purchase. Luckily, often those customers just need a little nudge in the right direction. An automated abandoned cart trigger is the perfect nudge, and at Simplero, we’ve got you covered. 

With an abandoned cart trigger, when a customer doesn’t complete their checkout, you can easily follow-up with them, which means better conversion rates, and more. 

Abandoned cart triggers also allow you to learn about why your customers aren’t completing purchases, and they can help you better direct customers to the right product. So with one simple solution, you can enhance customer relationships and customer experience. Plus, because abandoned cart triggers are automated, you get these benefits without spending more time or energy. 

Ready for more completed orders?

Here are the steps to setup an abandoned cart trigger - 

1. Sales >> Products - select the product you want to add the trigger to. 

2. Click Content tab and "add trigger" button at the bottom

3. Use the "Purchase: Abandoned for 30+ minutes" for when this happens - 

Now when a purchase is abandoned for >30 minutes this trigger will fire. In this example they would be put into an automation called "Abandoned Cart Automation" where we could add an email sequence enticing them to complete their purchase. 

Sounding too good to be true? There is one small drawback. 

Because of GDPR and other privacy laws, in Simplero, this automated trigger will only fire if a customer has tried to pay and failed on the old order form.

For the new order form 2.0, as soon as you enter the information in the first step and submit, the timer for abandoned purchase triggers starts. So if a purchase is not completed within 30 minutes after the first step is submitted, we'll fire the purchase abandoned trigger.

Last updated 6 Apr 2023.