Space FAQ (deprecated)

Updated on 7 Nov 2023

What is a Space?


Space is also known as a 'zenlearn forum'. For example, 'zenlearn space' or 'virtual space', 'online space', or 'virtual classroom' - many names, same thing.

It's a closed website, where your customers can access Content such as video, audio, PDF, etc. - that you provide for them, as well as a discussion forum (if you let them have one), and a list of other members.

It's sort of like a simple Facebook Group that you control.

You can associate a product with a Space, such that people who purchase that product automatically get access to the Space. This is how an online course is delivered, but you can also use it as an add-on to a webinar course or a physical course or seminar.

You can have multiple products associated with the same Space. This is useful if they're different classes for the same course, so they should have access to the same content and the same forums. It's also useful if you have different levels of the same basic product - a basic version and a deluxe version, which gives access to additional content and features.

Within a Space you can differentiate access based on which products they have bought to gain access, allowing you to differentiate between classes or levels of a product.

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