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FAQ Page in Your Space (Deprecated)

We currently don't have a specific FAQ page that you can add to your space. However, it is easy to create using a content block for each question you want to address in our FAQ page. 

We also have an End User Guide that you can use to help your clients questions about how they interact with Simplero. 

 You might also be interested in looking at Simplero's built-in Support Ticket section to answer your client's questions. 

Some Suggested Questions to include:

  1. If you need technical support please send an email to
  2. If you have questions about the material please email
  3. Unable to download and or view PDF files on a MAC:
  4. Forgot Password
  5. Trouble Watching Videos
  6. To change your setting so you can receive all notifications
  7. Refund policy
  8. Are the modules released all at one time or weekly?
Last updated 7 Nov 2023.