Google Tag Manager

Updated on 29 Jun 2023

This integration allows you to effortlessly manage your website's tracking and analytics without the need for complex coding. 

Simplero and GTM Integration

Instead of manually adding the GTM code on the Tracking page, Simplero offers a convenient integration with GTM. With this integration, you simply need to provide your GTM Container ID to Simplero, and it will automatically place the necessary code in the appropriate locations.

Simplified Cookie Consent Handling

One of the advantages of using Simplero's GTM integration is that it handles cookie consent for you. Cookie consent refers to the permission required from users to store and access their personal data through cookies on your website. Simplero's integration ensures that your website complies with cookie consent regulations without any additional effort on your part.

"Only Run on User Interaction" Setting

Simplero's GTM integration also offers a useful setting called "Only run on user interaction." This setting can help improve your website's PageSpeed scores. PageSpeed is a measure of how quickly your website loads and performs. By enabling this option, the GTM code will only be triggered when a user interacts with your website, reducing unnecessary code execution and improving your website's overall performance.

Happy tracking!

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