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Build your survey

Updated on 21 Mar 2024

Create a survey from your Simplero dashboard >> Contacts >> Surveys >> Create new survey:

Start designing your survey questions either from the Content builder or the Table view, whichever is easier for you.

The Builder

Click on Add field to get started:

Scroll through the survey previewer on the right side of the page to see all of the field options:

Use the dots icon on the far right to drag the field to a different position.

The Plus button at the bottom of the active field will add a new field right below this one.

Use the edit, duplicate and delete icons to perform these actions on the active custom field:

You can also add conditions to show sections based on responses provided in other sections of the survey:

Page Elements

There are special items you can add to your survey in addition to custom fields:

  • Headings: Include a subheading once you select it.

  • Dividers: Add a horizontal line across the survey. Commonly used for long surveys.

  • Sections: Make fields collapsible. Sections contain all custom fields below them until the end of the form or until the next section.

  • File Uploads: Give your recipients the ability to attach a PDF, document, image, etc.

  • Hidden Fields: Render a hidden field with a predefined name. If a URL parameter is set, its value will be passed as the value of the hidden field.

Table View

Click on Add field at the top right corner to open the Fields side panel:

Now choose which type of question to add to your survey.

Survey Preview

You can see a Preview of your Survey on the ‘Content’ tab.

Once you’ve finished building your survey, you’re ready to share it with your members on the URL provided at the top right corner.