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Troubleshooting Opt-in Form Issues

If your Opt-in Form is not appearing on your website we encourage you to check out the settings and be sure you don't have limits set that have been reached. 

  1. Select Marketing >> Landing pages >> Opt-in tab.

  2. Locate and select the signup form name (Embedded)

  3. Select the Settings button on the header's top right corner

  4. Scroll down to the Restrict views section and check your settings.  If you want the same person to see this opt-in every time, set your limit to 0 days and 1000 times

  5. If the landing page Presentation is set to Inline, scroll down to the Already converted section, select to "Show a message" or "Show the form". Otherwise, if you have already opted in yourself and try and view again, it will not show.

Someone submits a signup form trigger doesn't send out the email

Check if the list has Double opt-in enabled.

If it does, we won't send an email unless they have already confirmed their subscription.

Since the trigger fires right after submission, they might not have confirmed their subscription yet by the time we've fired the trigger.

We suggest you set up an automation instead of sending the email directly if your list has Double opt-in On.

Using a Square Space Website?

When using SquareSpace you cannot utilize the function that allows the pop up to disappear if someone has already converted and if they've seen it "x" amounts of times. If you have set up those settings in Simplero then the opt-in will not appear on your square space site at all, so verify they are not active. 

Also when inserting the code into Square Space the correct block to use is called a "content block". This is where you will paste your embed code. 

Last updated 27 Jun 2023.