Course Analytics

Updated on 14 Feb 2024

Do you want to know how far your members are in the course? How many members completed a specific lesson? How many viewed them?

Go to the course and click on ‘Analytics’:

Analytics by member

Shows a list of member and their statistics:

  • The date they logged in to their course for the first time

  • Last login to the course

  • Total number of logins

  • Percentage of course progress

  • List of all lessons and the status (viewed or completed) by a member. Note: M1L2 = Module 1, Lesson 2

  • Links to all completed worksheets (click on to view them)

Click on the tabs to view them module by module or to see the video analytics:

Analytics by lesson

Shows a list of lessons and the statistics per lesson:

  • Views by logged-in users

  • Unique views recorded by the logged-in users.

  • Completed number and percentage

  • Video viewers

  • Number of reactions and comments (you can click on the number to view them)

    If your course is open to non-members and you want to see the total views including non-logged-in members, you can add the “Total views” column:

Downloading course analytics

You can search, filter, choose columns, reorder, and download the analytics by using the icons on the top.

You can also create new views and reorder the current ones so you don’t need to organize and filter the information every time:

Notes and Tags
0 / 2
0 / 1
Emails for automations
0 / 1
Receipts and Tasks
0 / 2
Pipelines and Deals
0 / 2
Contacts Settings
0 / 2