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Why Simplero Doesn't Do Fancy Graphic Emails

Most mailing list systems out there let you design your own fancy graphic email template, complete with header graphic, a sidebar, and sometimes complex 3-column setups. Simplero doesn't offer that because simple emails make you more money and build better relationships.

Here's why.

It turns out that the emails that get opened most and that get the best response are emails that feel like they're written directly from you to your recipient. Just a few friends talking with each other. It's personal, and it looks and feels like a personal email.

Most people don't use a fancy 2- or 3-column email template when they're just writing with their closest friends. It would feel decidedly off. Like "why are you talking to me like you're all formal and stuff? It's me! Hello!?!".

That's what it tends to feel like when you "dress up" your email or newsletter too much.

Studies also show that people read more and click the links more in emails that are simple text emails instead of fancy graphic emails. It converts better. Translation: You make more money!

Content is "King"

Simple emails also let you focus on what's important, namely the content.

We do make it easy for you to make subheads (like the one above), as well as bullets, indentations, images, links, bold, italic, insert images, and those kinds of things. They increase the value by making it more clear and readable.

But the critical ingredient of your emails is your words, your content, and the more you can focus on those and not on the design and layout, the more value for your audience. And that translates into a better relationship and - more money!

For some cases, it does make sense to use a fancy graphical newsletter. A number of my customers use MailChimp or CampaignMonitor alongside Simplero for precisely this reason.

You can use those other systems for your main newsletter, and you use Simplero for setting up a quick landing page for a webinar, or for emailing your customers about the courses they're participating in. That's a perfectly fine and legitimate way to arrange yourself if you have that need.

However, for most of us, the simple plain text email is what works the best - easiest to write, easiest to read, and most profitable for you.

That said...

Simplero does allow you to create simple email design templates with a header graphic, to choose your font size, or even to provide your own fully custom HTML template.

You can do this:

  1. Select Marketing from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select Email Broadcasts from the dropdown menu
  3. Click the Email Templates button in the upper right corner
  4. Select from the list of email templates and make any edits as you wish

Last updated 6 Sep 2022.