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How to Use Engagement Badges

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

Create excitement and engagement with your members by using Badges!

You can add a badge that will display next to your site members' names on post comments in the site Forum, the Blog and on Course comments. They look like this: 

Where to Find Badges

To find Badges, head to Membership site >> Engagement tab.

There are two types of badges: system and user-created badges.

System Badges

System badges will be assigned to users automatically based on the criteria below:

1. Rising Star:

A customer who has joined the site within 30 days and makes a post on the forum that has more than five comments by other members.

2. Conversation Starter:

A customer who has recently created a post (within two weeks) that has more than five comments by other members.

3. Conversation Booster:

A customer who has added a comment recently (within two weeks) that has more than five replies in the thread.

4. Greeter:

A customer who has added a comment on a post created by a new member. For example, if a member joins the site and adds a post and another member of the site comments on the post, then this badge will be assigned to the commenter. The comment just has to be made within two weeks of the original post. 

5. Member Anniversary:

This badge is assigned to customers when they reach their membership anniversary and is displayed for 7 days.

User-Created Badges

To make a user-created badge, click the "Add badge" button on the top right corner:

Customize the badge with a name, and color settings:

Awarding options: when should the badges be given to a contact.

  • Manually (see below how to add badges to a contact)

  • Writing forum posts, comments or getting replies as well as when completing x courses or worksheets:

How many posts should they have written or how many courses/worksheets they must have completed:

When can they get the badge: any time, Specific dates or based on when they joined the site.

Revoking options: how long would you like to keep the badge for.

*Note: both awarding and revoking events run daily at 4 AM EST. So don't be surprised if a member just completed a course and didn't get the badge right away! :)

Assign user-created badges

You can manually assign user-created badges and/or add them via an automation or trigger.

Don't forget to enable the Badges feature in the Forum settings:

Or at the Site settings for Blog and Course comments badges:

That's it - now you're ready to spice up your Forums, Blog and Courses and engage your members!