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Resend a Broadcast

Updated on 17 Oct 2023

Now more than ever, you can easily resend a broadcast to those that didn't open the first time, or to those that have been added to your list (or product or whatever), since the last broadcast.

Go to a Broadcast that you've sent:

  1. Select Marketing from your Simplero Dashboard.

  2. Select Email Broadcasts from the dropdown menu

  3. Click the Delivered tab, locate and click on the broadcast you've sent

  4. You'll see the Broadcast overview and if you look in the top-right header, you'll see the following buttons:

    • Weren't on the list at the time

    • Received this email

    • Didn't open the email

    • Did open the email

    • Clicked a link in the email

    • Did not click any links

    • Replied

    • Did not reply

All of them will create a duplicate of the broadcast, with the same recipients, but with one additional twist:

"Weren't on the list at the time" will exclude anyone who received the first broadcast.

>>Using the"Weren't on the list at the time" will not re-drip content that you released in a broadcast. 

"Didn't open the email" will exclude anyone who did not report as having opened the email.

Unopens are tricky because the way we know if they opened the email is if they requested a hidden 1-pixel image inside the email. Depending on the email client, though, that method can be very unreliable. That's why we also exclude anyone who clicked a link, since, obviously, they, too, opened the email, even though they may not have requested the image. There will be people who did open the email and didn't click anything, who will get the email again, but that's the best we can do.

When resending to unopens, one common tactic is to change the subject line and leave the body the same. The subject line didn't make them open the last time, so maybe a new subject line will? If you're super-savvy you might even know what percentage of your audience responds to different styles of subject lines, ie. curiosity-based, vs. FOMO-based, vs. "towards" motivation, vs. "away from" motivation, and so on.

"Clicked a link in the email" will exclude anyone who did not report as having clicked a link in the email.

“Did not click any links” will exclude contacts who have clicked any links in the original email.

“Replied” will exclude contacts who had not replied to the broadcast.

“Did not reply” will exclude contacts who had replied to the broadcast.