Troubleshoot Price Issues

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

Why when I go to my order form I do not see a price?

If you are having price issues on your order form here are a few places to check to troubleshoot the problem. 

  • The product has no price: Be sure to check that you have set up a price within your product and enabled it. 

  • The product is not for sale: Be sure to check the product availability and set within the start and end date
    1. Select the Products from your Simplero Dashboard
    2. In the Products tab and select the product you wish to check the availability
    3. Select the Selling tab and check the Availability section to make sure it is set up accordingly

    4. Now select the Prices tab
    5. Select the Price to check the availability settings
    6. Scroll down the Availability for this price section and make sure that either there is no Campaign Price period set up or that you are within the parameters of the campaign period

  • Product requires some other engagement: To check if you set this up...
    1. Now select the Prices tab
    2. Select the Price to check the engagement settings
    3. Scroll down the Engagement section and you have 3 options...

      • No additional requirements
      • All of the below - you'll select all of the products and lists
      • At least one - you'll select one of the products and lists 
    4. Be sure you have this set up as you desire. If you have selected the all or at least one option and have not engaged in that way (e.g. purchased the product yourself or signed up on the list yourself) even as admin you will not be able to see the price on the order form. 

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