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Updated on 9 Apr 2024

NOTE! Tasks is an Advanced management feature available on the Skyrocket plan. 

It allows you to manually:

  1. Create a task

  2. Assign it to a team member

  3. Set up a due date

  4. Complete tasks 

Navigate to Sales >> Tasks in your dashboard:

🤖 Now set up all the above as part of an automation

You can add steps to your automations to automatically create a task for you and/or your team members:

Once the task has been created, you can change the task status to Pending, Completed, Cancel, as well as Delete and Edit the task from the Task page:

You can complete the task from the table:

And if you click on the task name, you can view the details of the task from the task viewer on the sidebar:


Admins will receive an automatic email notification in the following instances:

  • When a task is assigned to you

  • 24 hours before the task due date

  • At the task due date

  • 24 hours after the task due date

Go get your tasks done! ✔️