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Tasks is an Advanced management feature available on the Skyrocket plan. 

It allows you to manually:

  1. Create a task

  2. Assign it to a team member

  3. Set up a due date

  4. Complete tasks 

Navigate to Sales >> Tasks in your dashboard.

🤖 Now set up all the above as part of an automation

You can set up steps on your automations to automatically create a task for you and/or your team members. 

Once the task has been created, you can change the task status to Pending, Completed, Cancel, as well as Delete and Edit the task from the Task page.

You can complete the task from the table or, if you click on the task name, from the task viewer on the sidebar:


Admins will receive an automatic email notification in the following instances:

  • When a task is assigned to you

  • 24 hours before the task due date

  • At the task due date

  • 24 hours after the task due date

Go get tasks done! ✔️

Last updated 14 Nov 2022.