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Worksheet Confirmation

Confirmation page

When a worksheet is submitted you have two options of what your customers see. 

  • Option 1 is a Confirmation page
  • Option 2 is to direct them to a custom URL somewhere else

To set these up follow the steps below:

  1. Select Content from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. Select the Worksheets tab
  3. Locate and select the worksheet you want to view
  4. Click the Settings icon on the top right corner

  5. Scroll down to the After Submission section and choose the option you desire
    • If you choose option 1 as a confirmation page in Simplero then you will need to add your text in the boxes below the options

    • If you choose to direct them to a URL then paste the URL in the space provided

  6. Scroll down and click the Save changes button

What if you want to give them further information or send them a confirmation email? 

Last updated 21 Sep 2022.