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Switching Payment Processor Mid-Stream

Updated on 15 Sep 2022

How to Switch Payment Processor Mid-Stream

If you want to switch to a new payment processor for all new purchases, but still allow existing subscriptions and payment plans to run through the existing payment processors, what do you do?

Easy! Just disable the payment processor that you want to phase out, and enable the one that you want to use going forward.


We'll still keep charging all the existing payment plans and subscriptions on the disabled payment processor.

All new purchases, however, will not see the disabled payment processor as an option.

Also, if an installment or subscription payment on the disabled payment processor fails, and the customer comes back to enter new credit card information, they'll now only see the option for the new payment processor, and hence, they, too, will be moved over to the new one.

In other words, the transition could not be more graceful and seamless.


Switching to Require Use of Payment Processor That Can Process Automatic Charges

If you want to stop allowing PayPal as a processor for subscriptions, you can set the price to only work with 'automatic charge'.  If you do this, Simplero will require new purchasers to use a processor (like Stripe) that allows for automatic withdrawals.  Existing purchasers who are using PayPal will still get receipts.

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