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Collecting Money Outside Simplero

Sometimes your customers may pay you for a product outside of Simplero. It could be that they want to pay you cash, wire you money to your bank account, or maybe even send you money directly through PayPal. If you choose to collect money without them paying directly through Simplero you will want to register the payment via a manual payment. 

Recording the Payment

  1. Have the customer purchase the product. You have two options:
    • Option 1 - Create a $0 purchase link. (You can do this by creating a $0 purchase price via a special link or by giving them the freebie link) and jump to step 2.
    • Option 2 - If you have Bank Transfer set up as an available payment processor then create a secret price for the amount of the product with bank transfer as the payment processor. Go to step 3
  2. Click the Add a charge button in the Charges & Payments box of the customer's purchase screen and enter the amount they are going to pay you

  3. Then once they pay you, select the Register Payment button and enter the amount they paid you outside of Simplero.    

Last updated 27 Jan 2019.