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Purchase Summary

Purchase Summary Box

In this box, you can...

  1. Change the Published price of the purchase by clicking the Change link underneath PRODUCT

  2. Cancel a purchase - The customer will never get charged again and their access will be canceled (unless you tell the system to keep access - you will be prompted)

  3. Convert a paid product to a freebie - The customer will retain lifetime access and will not be charged any future payments

  4. Refund a purchase

  5. Move the purchase to a different product - Moves them from this product to another product of your choosing

You can also edit the purchase on the top right corner:

If the purchase is an upsell/downsell/order bump from another product, it will be indicated at the top of the Summary section:

And the other way round. If a purchase has a linked upsell/downsell/order bump, we will list them at the bottom of the summary section:

Last updated 24 Apr 2023.