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Protecting Your Content

A common question from Simplero users is "How do I prevent customers from taking my content and sharing it elsewhere?"

The very short answer is you can't, as long as something is put on the internet, even if it is on a closed site like Simplero, it can (with the right tools and mal intent) be downloaded and shared by those who have access to it. There is, however, a lot you can do to prevent this and to make the damage less if your content is shared anyways. 

In membership sites, when adding content like videos or audio directly to a product or list, there is a function to turn download of the material off. We generally don't recommend this, as it is not 100% since anything that can be played in the browser also can be downloaded, even if we have removed the button to do so directly. There are much more effective ways of protecting your material without removing the handy ability for your customers, to store the content locally.

For suggestions on how to protect your content, read Calvin's post on dealing with content theft

Last updated 6 Aug 2019.