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GDPR Consent

The GDPR regulation requires that...

  • companies let consumers know when their data is being collected,

  • companies cannot require a customer to consent to be on their email list or give you their email address in exchange for "free" opt-ins, and

  • consumers must actively consent to be on your mailing list.

Simplero provides special GDPR consent boxes that can appear on both mailing list opt-in forms and order forms. The GDPR consent terms are the same for your entire Simplero account. However, they can be turned on for specific lists as you choose. See the instructions below to determine the best fit for your business. 

Account Level GDPR Compliance

  1. Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. In the Account tab, scroll down to the GDPR Compliance section


    • Make a decision about adding an extra consent checkbox to opt-ins and order forms

    • Always On means, it will show for everyone no matter where the customer is located

    • Only for EU Contacts means that Simplero will check the IP address and if the IP address is located in the EU we will show the checkbox. Keep in mind if you select this option and the customer normally resides in the EU but is completing the form outside the EU they will not see the box

    • Always Off means that you will not be using this Simplero feature 

  3. Set your GDPR terms. In the next two fields, you can edit the terms that will appear next to the checkbox. If you write nothing in these boxes, the light grey text you see is what will appear and it will be auto-translated where Simplero is able. 

  4. Click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page. 

List Level GDPR Compliance

  1. Select Lists & Contacts

  2. In the Lists tab, select the list you want to activate/deactivate the GDPR compliance settings for

  3. Select the Configure tab and scroll to the GDPR compliance section

  4. You will check the box based on if you want the terms established in your account settings to appear or not appear

    GDPR 2.png

This is what the field will look like on your opt-in form


GDPR at the Product Level

When your GDPR settings are turned on they will always appear on product order forms. Your customer will see the default message as you see here or they will see the message you typed into the field on your account settings. 

GDPR 3.png

What happens when my customer checks or does not check the box?

You can view your customer's GDPR responses on their contact record. 

  1. Select Lists & Contacts from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Select the Contacts tab

  3. Locate and select the contact name

  4. In the Contact information screen, in the right sidebar towards the bottom, you will see notes about whether they have provided consent or not. 

GDPR 5.png

 If consent is not provided the customer will still be taken to the thank you page and provided with any content associated with your list, as well as receive the Day 0 welcome email(s) but they will receive no other autoresponders or other emails from you. They will not even receive a double opt-in confirmation email.  

GDPR Opt In Break Down.png

Consent when using a Raw Form Opt-In and/or Custom Thank You Page

Raw form opt-in

When you use a raw form opt-in you can still obtain GDPR consent. After the customer completes the form they will be taken to a consent landing page where they will confirm their consent, rather than seeing a GDPR checkbox on the form. 

Custom Thank you pages

When using a custom thank you page or a program like leadpages where you are using the raw form and then thank you page is overridden, the contact will show as not having provided GDPR consent as the GDPR consent page will not appear. In these cases, you will want to be sure you are obtaining active consent through another option. 

Right to Be Forgotten

The Right to be Forgotten is defined as the complete removal of a contact and all the data collected on them. As of this writing (5/23/2018), Simplero is working on the ability for account owners to delete with purchases from your system.

These are the options currently available. 

You, as the account owner, can do a contact clean-up or go into an individual contact, edit and then delete them.

Be careful deleting a customer who is actively subscribed or has a purchase will delete their access to those items.

Both of these options will remove all contacts that are not actively subscribed, or have a purchase in your account. 

Another option is for them to delete themselvesBe careful when suggesting this to a customer, because if they have purchased from other Simplero account holders they will be removed from the system completely and no longer have access to the content they purchased from you or those other businesses. 

Last updated 23 Mar 2023.