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Simplero Account FAQ

Can I Use Simplero to Sell Physical Products like Books?

Yes, though to be fair, it's not what Simplero is designed for. 


There are two things making it a bit cumbersome: 

  1. Simplero doesn't include logic to calculate the shipping cost, so it has to be included in the price.

  2. Simplero doesn't have a shopping cart, so there's no good way for customers to buy 2 copies of your book.


Can I Run More than One Business from One Simplero Account?

Yes, you can. Your account will have one name, though, so pick something you're okay with everyone seeing. Your name is often a good choice. 


Also, the receipt numbering will be in one sequence, you can only have one currency per account, and the branding, such as colors and logos, are going to be the same across the account. 


If all of those constraints are ok with you, then you're good to go.

Last updated 23 Mar 2023.