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Child accounts

How to enable Parent/Child account functionality

As a Simplero partner you can create your own DFY campaigns and automatically get them installed in other Simplero accounts you referred to.

Before you start - Let the Support team know you would like to enable the DFY campaigns’ automatic installation in your referred Simplero Child accounts.

Once we have enabled this option for you, you will be able to share it with your community/customers and have your DFY campaigns automatically installed in their Simplero accounts at the time they sign up.

To select the content you would be willing to automatically get installed in your referenced customers Simplero accounts, scroll down to the DFY campaign Advanced settings and switch ON the settings: Publish to the Done-Fro-You library for all accounts, and Install automatically on all new child accounts.

Keep in sync

Additionally you can also turn ON the option to keep the content installed in sync with the parent account content.

In that case, the content in your referenced customers Simplero accounts will have limited settings enabled for the account admins.

If the campaign got installed while this toggle was On, then Products, Courses, and Automations included in this Done-For-You Campaign will be locked and synchronized with the Parent account Products, Courses, and Automations.

For example, the Product, Course, and Automation below were installed using a "Keep in sync" Campaign. They show a simplified version of the admin view and edits are restricted or not allowed:

They also reflect any changes or updates made on the Parent Account to these objects right away on the Child Account objects.

Trigger on parent account when purchase is completed in a child account

There's also a specific trigger on parent accounts that allows setting up actions when a purchase is completed in a child account.

Admin access to Child Accounts

As an admin of the Parent account, you will be able to access as an admin any of the Child Simplero accounts that have been created using your Simplero offer.

You will find your child accounts on the Account settings > Child accounts page.

As an admin of the parent account you can make changes to locked content like courses.

Once you have made a change to a synced item, like a lesson, an icon will be displayed to indicate that.

You will also have the ability to Restore sync with original source from the 3 dots menu.

Royalty Products

Get commission over products that are sold outside of the parent Simplero account, and through its Simplero child accounts.

  1. Create a new product where the commission purchases will be generated on.

  2. Click on the 3 dots > Royalty.

  1. Link the products that will be automatically installed in the child accounts where the commission will be taken from.

You can choose between a percentage of the sale or a fixed amount:

When your child accounts score a sale on the product linked above, a new purchase will get generated automatically in your parent account under the main product you’ve created on step 1.

The royalty purchase will get generated under the Child account owner’s name. If you don’t have a payment method saved for their contact yet, the purchase will remain in failed status until you update the payment details.

Note that Royalty products are only available once you already have at least one Child account under your Parent Simplero account.

Reach out to Support if you have any further questions or would be interested in using this advanced Simplero functionality.

Last updated 23 Feb 2024.