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External URLs

Updated on 28 Oct 2022

Affiliate links with an External URL that is NOT the products sales page

  1. Select Marketing >> Affiliate programs from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Locate and select the Affiliate program you want to add the link to

  3. On the right sidebar, under the area for External affiliate links, click the Add hyperlink 


  4. Enter the Label and Destination for your external affiliate link


  5. Click the Save changes button when done

  6. This link will now appear in the list of links available to your participants


Be aware that we won’t be able to record clicks on the external URL. We only record the entering click.

Sharing an external Link with the Affiliate

When you are ready to let your affiliates know that there is an external link they can share and receive affiliate credit on it is easy to pop their link in an email broadcast. 

  1. Add the External link to your affiliate program by following the steps above

  2. Go back to your Affiliates program screen and select the affiliate program

  3. Select the Affiliates tab  and select the affiliate name 

  4. You will be directed to the Affiliate information screen

  5. Scroll down to the Affiliate links for this affiliate box 

  6. Simplero will mask it and you will copy that masked link by clicking the Link icon next to the page name

  7. Simply paste this link in your Broadcast, remove the number and affiliate name and then add liquid_code_ref to the end of it 

For example:

This is the link it tells you:

You want to keep:

add this liquid_code_refto the end of the URL