Selling a Downloadable Product

Updated on 6 Oct 2021

E-books, PDF, MP3, and MP4s all make great opt-ins to give away when people join your list, but giving away content for free is not a sustainable business model if you are looking to make any money. So rather than giving all your hard work away for free, why not consider giving a preview or small piece of that work away as an opt-in and then up selling those people to an E-product? 

E-products like E-books, Audios, and the link are a great way to earn residual income without extra work on your part. 

Setting up an E-product is simple... 

  1. Select the Sales tab from your Simplero Dashboard and choose Products.
  2. From the Product page, select a product or create a product by clicking the +Create new product button in the upper right corner

  3. Enter the information for your new product:
    • Name - the name for your product (this is the only required field)
    • Product type - what you are selling
    • Summary - type a short summary for checkout and user accounts
    • Price - set a base price (you will be able to set-up payment plans and subscription pricing shortly)
    • Tax options - select the applicable options
    • Write your Welcome email
  4. Click the Create product button to save
  5. From your product, select the Content tab 
  6. Scroll down to the Content files section and click the + Add file button

  7. Select the file from your media library or upload the file or files

  8. Scroll down and click the Save changes button

Your product is now ready to sell!

Selling and Promoting an E-product within your Simplero

Once you have your E-product setup and ready, Simplero offers you several opportunities within your account to get the word out to your customers. So we want to share with you those best practices...

  1. Send a broadcast to your current newsletter list letting them know about your new product
  2. Add the product to your sales funnel
  3. Set the product up as an upsell or order bump to other related products
  4. Create a smaller version of the product to use as opt-in for a list and then create an autoresponder offering them the full E-product

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