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QuickPay Payment Doesn't Show in Simplero

My Customers QuickPay Transaction Didn’t Register in Simplero

What happened here is QuickPays server didn't communicate with us that the payment was successful. As this is on QuickPays side there is nothing we can do about that. Sorry.

However, what you do need to do in Simplero is register the payment manually. This is VERY important in order to keep your accounting accurate and avoid any discrepancies. 

  1. Log into your QuickPay Manager and confirm the payment went through.
  2. Once you've confirmed the payment you'll need to register the payment in Simplero
  3. Select the Products from your Simplero Dashboard
  4. Select the Purchases tab
  5. Locate and select the customer's name
  6. Scroll down to the Charges & Payments box and select the Register payment... button

  7. Type in the amount received, select the date paid and the method. I'd also recommend typing a comment like "QuickPay Network Error". Be sure to double check the amount is accurate.

  8. Once all looks correct, click Register Payment button to complete. 

The purchase will now have a registered payment. 

Last updated 6 Sep 2022.