Gift Pricing

What is it? 

Simplero allows a purchase to be gifted to someone else. On the order form there’s an option to check a box saying “This is a gift”. When checked, we ask when it should be delivered, and optionally offer to pass along a note to the recipient. We don’t reveal the giver, so they need to put that in the note if they want the recipient to know. 
A gifted purchase is not considered active until the time & date it’s being delivered, which is chosen by the giver. Until then, it’s in a pending state, waiting for the gift time/date to be released to the participant. Once that happens, the participant will get a gift email, any immediate auto-responses, and possibly login information if there’s a space involved with the product. 

When are the payments charged? 

As soon as the purchasers completes the order form the first payment is drawn and then depending on the set up the payments are drawn again. This does not affect the period of the subscription. 

Can the buyer send a personalized gift message to the recipient? 

Yes, they will make this choice during the checkout process. All they need to do is type out the message to the recipient and Simplero will take care of sending the message to them. 

Can I turn the gift option off? 

Yes. Go to the Order Form, uncheck the box that says “Allow customers to give this as a gift” 

Will the auto-responders/automation send to the recipient even if they have a later activation date? 


Will broadcasts?