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Submitting a Help Ticket

In the bottom right-hand corner of your Simplero Dashboard screen, you will see a blue? button. Click on that and the help finder will pop up.

You can type in what you are having problems with to see if there is a help article already for your issue. If not a "Contact the Support Team" button will show up. Click that. 

From here you can provide all of the relevant details and attachments regarding your issue. Then hit the blue "Send It!" button. 

A couple of key notes to help us help you...

  1. Use this format:
    • Give us the exact steps to reproduce the problem
    • What you expected to have happened
    • What actually happened
  2. Submit the ticket from the page you are having trouble with or provide us the links to those pages. It will help us to better see the problem you are having and provide the best response we can.
  3. Submit only 1 ticket per issue. We have several support people and we all have access to the same submissions so when you submit multiple tickets to us for the same issue it can get confusing on our end. If it's urgent, simply reply back to the same ticket you submitted previously and let us know it's urgent. 

Thank you for your cooperation to help us help you.

Last updated 23 Mar 2023.