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Broadcast Overview

In most online systems, if you want to email a group of people, you've got to get them on a list. Always a list. So then when someone buys something from you, those online systems make it so that you'll need to get them on a list also, or they won't be receiving your emails. And then if they opt for a refund, or cancel their subscription, those online systems make it so that you'll need to remember to get them off your list, or they'll keep getting the emails forever.

A broadcast can be sent to multiple groups of people at the same time. For example:
  • You can send it to three different lists at once
  • To multiple products
  • A combination of lists and products
  • Everyone on a list who is not also on a product. You choose this with the include/exclude buttons on the recipients screen.
  • And you can choose the date and time a broadcast should be sent in the future, or send it out immediately.

Read our List & Contact Best Practices for more on this!

Quick Send

You'll find the action 'Send quick email" pretty much everywhere you can send a broadcast from. 

In action tables it will be right at the top of the Communication section:

As soon as you click on Send quick email, the modal below will open up for you to start typing your email:

You'd like to know...

  • Sender and Reply to settings will be the ones on your Account Settings:

  • The template we will use is your default Email design (the one with the star!):

  • Delivered quick sends can be found on your Delivered Broadcast page.
Last updated 25 Aug 2021.