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Shopping Cart

Updated on 7 Feb 2023

We are currently in the testing phase of our new Shopping Cart.  Contact Support if you would like to test. 


Take selling your products to the next level by enabling the Shopping Cart functionality!

Add Products to the Cart

Products that are cartable (can be purchased in combination with other products) will now show the option to Add to cart on the catalog, sales pages, and featured products sections:

As soon as you click 'Add to cart', the shopping cart icon will show up on the header.

The cart icon will indicate the number of products currently stored in your cart and you’ll get redirected to your cart view right away. Any products that are already in your cart will show 'View cart' instead of ‘Add to cart’.

If there’s more than one listed price on the Product, the purchaser can choose a price on the cart summary page prior to checkout:

Top listed price will be selected by default*

Limitations you need to be aware of

  • Currencies may interfere with the Checkout Process

If your product prices don’t share at least one currency, we won’t let you move on to the Checkout page until you remove products causing the payment conflict.

You’ll just need to edit your prices to support the same currencies and the cart will make them match the common currency:

  • Authorize-only

Prices set up as Authorize-only are not supported on the cart.

  • Credits type

Prices that can be purchased using credits are not cartable either.

Checkout Page

Once you have finished adding products to the cart, click on Checkout to add your contact details. On the information page you’ll find:

  • Your order section: includes products on the cart, the price selected, and the products’ short descriptions.

  • Discount code field if there are any coupons available

  • Taxes calculated (based on the products’ individual tax settings)

  • Custom fields added on the product's order form tab per product

Agreements prior to and after purchase

Agreements will show in the same order they’ve been added to the cart one after the other if multiple products require agreements to be signed.

This will happen either prior to or after purchase based on each product agreement settings (Product >> Configure >> Options section):


Affiliates will get attributed when using an affiliate link (cookie) and credited for any products included on the checkout that belong to an active affiliate program.

If the cart includes any products that do not belong to the affiliate program, they will of course, not be credited for that product.

Upsells and Order Bumps

The cart does not support Upsells or Order Bumps.

If your product has an order bump or upsell, the order bump or upsell will be ignored/skipped during the cart checkout process. They will still be available when purchased individually via the Buy now button.

Cart Theme

The Website theme will apply to all cart pages. 

Also, the header is visible through the first steps of the cart and gets hidden when moving to the Checkout page.


  • Can I force a product to not show the 'Add to cart' button and be only available to 'Buy now'?

Yes, you can exclude a product from being able to be added to the cart using the checkbox on the Product >> Selling tab >> Options section.

The Shopping Cart is in an Alpha Testing stage. If you’d like to become an Alpha Tester for the Shopping Cart, contact support to get further information on how to enable it in your account.