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A product for each language

Updated on 11 Nov 2022

For some people, they would prefer the cleanness of a product for each language rather than trying to set up one product to be viewable/buyable in multiple languages. 

This guide will show you how to do just that. 

  1. Create your product as normal
  2. Duplicate your product in your second language.
  3. Set up your prices to be able to accept all currency options
  4. Link your content. (see section below for options)

Connect Content

Downloadable content

Link the content in the correct language to the correct product with the corresponding language.

Membership Site Content

Option 1 - A Single Membership Site

  • Have a Homepage in English and a second Homepage in Danish (for example). Then the subpages below would be in the right language.
  • Or to just duplicate all the pages so there is one in English and one in your second language.
  • Then set up two identical courses, one in English and one in the second list.
  • You can have all pages published which would allow all the customers to see everything in both languages.

Or you can set the pages to dripped. And follow the following steps to release it. 

  1. Create an automation that would release the primary language pages however you desire. 
  2. Duplicate this automation but this time to release the pages in the second language. 
  3. Link each product to the corresponding automation that matches the language

Option 2 - Multiple Membership Sites

  1. Create a membership site in your primary language.
  2. Create a second membership site in the second language.
  3. Link each membership site to the product in the corresponding language.