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Preferred Sender Program

We don’t allow spammers or any consistently low-quality senders to use Simplero, so you’re always in good company. For those who maintain an even higher standard of mail quality, there’s the Preferred Sender program.

Simplero accounts with:

...may qualify for the Preferred Sender program.

Preferred senders share sending IP addresses only with other preferred senders, which means that over time, big mail providers will automatically trust those senders’ mailings as the sort of thing that their users consistently like to see.

We keep track of who qualifies monthly and reach out to you when you do, detailing what it means and requesting confirmation you wish to move. If you choose not to, you'll remain in the transitional pool.

Note that when moving from one pool to another, may temporarily affect delivery rates.

Once you are in the Preferred Sender Program...

Make sure you keep bounce rates low and delivery rates high.

If your bounce rate goes up 2-3%, or your delivery rate lowers 2-3% below the threshold, we will let you know that you are about to be moved out of the Preferred pool and give you 14 days to change the metric. Note that if there is a >5% fall in metrics you will be moved to the transitional pool immediately.

If you have a question about the Preferred Sender Program, just open a support ticket.

Last updated 5 Oct 2021.