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Moving a Purchase to Another Product

Updated on 21 Jul 2023

Do you have a customer who mistakenly purchased the wrong product? Or maybe you are closing a product and want to move current participants to another product?

If you want the person to still have access to the original product and its content (such as in the case of an upgrade), you'll want to use the "Purchase Product Without Paying" action. 

If you want to completely move the person to the new product and revoke access to the original product and its content (like in the case of a mistaken purchase), you'll want use the "Move..." button. 

'Purchase Product Without Paying' Action - How to Use

There are several ways you can apply this action. Here's how: 

Option 1 - Automated via a trigger

This would be used when you are going to move every purchase in a product such as in the case of an upgrade. 

  1. Add a trigger to the product to purchase a product without paying, and then select the product associated with the access level. 



Option 2 - Using a Segment

You would set up and Perform an action to a segment by selecting the same options as in the trigger screen of option 1. This option would be used if you are moving multiple purchases at one time that exist in the system. Such as in the case of closing a product and moving everyone to a new product. 


Option 3 - Apply via Contact Action

If you want to apply it to just one or a few people, you can do this on the contact list (Dashboard sidebar > Contacts). 

Just search for who you want and select them, then from the Select Action drop down menu, choose 'Purchase a Product Without Paying' and select the product you want to add them to. 


'Move...' Button - How to Use

The move button is accessed through the person's purchase page, and can only be done manually on a single contact at a time.

Again, this is most likely used if the person mistakenly purchased the wrong product. It will override the first product and remove access to it and its content. 

  1. Select Products from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Select the Purchases tab

  3. Locate and select the customer name

  4. In the Purchase summary box, click the Move to another product… button

  5. Choose the new product and whether you’d like triggers on the current and destination products should fire. These include participant and purchaser triggers set up on the product content tab.

Note about payment plans and subscriptions:

Note that if a person is on a subscription or payment plan for the original product that is still active, if you move them with the "move" button, it will retain their original payment structure & price.

If necessary, you can update it to a new one by using the "change" button next to the price. Doing this will not automatically create upcoming subscription charges.  To do that, you will need to edit the new purchase, choose a period end date and then edit the upcoming subscription price to set the correct cancellation setting and period price.  Please contact Support if you need help with this. 

In all cases, please double check the moved purchase carefully to make sure that future installments, subscription payments, and content access are correct!