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Milestone Installments

To setup a future installment without specifying a date to this charge .

 An example use case would be accepting an amount upfront and then making the rest of the payment upon acceptance into a program.

  1. Add your Price as normal add an installment
  2. Go back to your List Prices and select the Price you've just added
  3. In the Installments section, click the + Add an installment button

  4. In the Installment pop-up screen, select the Milestone tab for the Wait for option and then put in the Wht's the milestone and the Installment amount.

  5. Click the Save changes button.

Note that..

  • You will need to collect the installment when the customer has reached that milestone/condition at the contact purchase.

  • A milestone installment can only be followed by milestone installment. 
Last updated 6 Sep 2022.