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How to Create Product Prices in Simplero

Now that you've got your product or course up and running in Simplero, it's time to set the price! It's easy to create both purchase prices and subscription prices in Simplero. Think of purchase prices as a mortgage (you own it at the end) and subscription prices like rent (you only get to stay there as long as you're making payments).

Purchase prices can be paid-in-full, or they can be a series of payments made over time. Subscription prices are typically charged at a pre-determined interval, whether it's monthly, yearly, or on some other subscription schedule. 

To Create Prices

  1. Select Sales from your Simplero Dashboard.
  2. Choose Products from the dropdown menu and select a product from your list.
  3. Select the Prices tab.
  4. In the List Prices, a Simple price will show. This is the price you entered when creating the product. You can edit this price.
  5. To add a new price or payment plan that will appear on your order form, select the white "Add a list price" button on the left-hand side. 

  6. You'll be directed to the price creation screen. Complete each of the following fields:
  • Name: This will be shown next to the price on the order form. For example, "Early Bird" or "Payment Plan."
  • Internal Name:  This will only appear on the back end to help you remember what the price is for.
  • Type of Price: "Purchase" or "Subscription."  The type can't be changed after you've created the price.
    • Purchase - Provides lifetime access, once paid in full. If a customer defaults on a payment plan, their access will be canceled until they pay. For purchases, include the amount (how much is paid upon purchase) and the number of installments (the number of payments to be made). When setting up installments, select the payment amount for each payment after the initial purchase and the time between those payments

    • Subscription - Provides access for a limited period for each payment made. When setting up a subscription, input the amount, length of access, trial  (optional), and the subscription settings (where you set renewal options or create time-specific commitments). Learn more about subscription settings in this guide.

  • Access - Determine whether the price will be visible to everyone who sees your order form (list price) or only to those who have the link to a secret price or know the coupon code.
  • Limit Availability - This feature lets you set the number of seats available at this price.
  • Minimum Quantity - Set the minimum quantity per purchase to qualify for this price.
  • Payment Options - The default "Unrestricted" allows all your enabled payment processors to be available to your purchaser. Learn more about payment processor options here
  • Triggers - Save first, then you can add triggers. In this location, triggers let you do things like add tags, give access to content, or add people to lists depending on which price they purchase at. 
  • Enable - Keep this box checked to make this price available for qualifying purchases from the get-go.

Select the blue Create price button to save.

Note: You can duplicate a price by clicking on the Duplicate icon in the price summary or by editing the price and choosing the red "duplicate price" button in the upper right corner.  This is handy if you just want to make a small change to a price. 

There are so many more guides about prices in Simplero! Check 'em out if you've got something more customized that you want to offer. 


Last updated 29 Dec 2020.