Managing an Email Subscription

Unsubscribing to an Email

At the bottom of all your received emails, there is an "Unsubscribe or Manage Subscription" link in the footer. Click on that link and you will be redirected to a page where you can unsubscribe or resubscribe to a list. 

Alternate option

Alternatively, if you have access to a site from the person whose list you want to manage...

  1. Open the Site you have access to
  2. In the menu bar to the left, you will see 3 icon options
  3. Click on the Person and you will be redirected to a page about your activity in the site

  4. In the upper right corner, you will see your Notification email listed and next to it is a Change link where you can click then update the email address. 

  5. This will redirect you to a page where you can manage your list subscriptions for that account owner as well as the email address at which you get notifications.