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Link Sign-up Forms to Your Simplero Sites and Pages

If you'd like an embedded sign up form to show in ALL pages of a Simplero Site, then navigate to the Site >> Configure page and scroll down to the Signup forms section.

You'll be able to choose from the existing embedded landing pages in your account.


To know how to create an Embedded Landing page go back to the previous lesson, Embedded Landing Pages.

Embed an Opt-in form on a Simplero Page

  1. Navigate to the embedded form. Shortest way is from the Landing pages table, click on the Opt-in view then filter by List.

  2. Once you've located the Embedded form, scroll down to the Embed code section on the Content tab, and copy the script using the Copy to clipboard icon.

  3. Go to the Site Page you'd like the embedded opt-in form to show up, for example, a specific page on the Website, and access de Editor by clicking on the page name.

  4. Add a Script section, and replace the dummy text with the script you just copied.

  5. The Embed form will now show up according to the Presentation settings on the Embed form.

Embed a Manually-Triggered Opt-In to a Button

Follow the same steps described above then add the following instructions:

  1. On the Embed Form Content page, scroll down to the section Manual Trigger and copy the piece of code using the Copy to Clipboard icon.

  2. Navigate to the Simplero Page you'd like to link the Embed form to.

  3. Click on the section you want the button to show up on, then the Source Code icon.

  4. Press Ok and Save. A link now shows up and triggers an embedded opt-in form.

  5. Now select the link that got created and click on the URL button: edit the text and click on Display as button.

    Here it is in action:

    Try it out here! This button is live!

Last updated 13 Jul 2023.