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Embedded Forms

Opt-in forms are a great way to grow your email list, increase conversions, and build an engaged audience. And having opt-in forms that are personal and customized can help a lot. That's why we put together this guide to show you how to customize your opt-in forms in Simplero. 

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Landing Pages & forms, then click on Create new embedded form.

  2. Pick a template.

  3. Design the opt-in form on the Content tab. 

a) You can have custom designs for desktop/mobile views.

b) Edit the content by clicking on the text directly.

c) Customize the style of the form objects using the options on the right sidebar.

d) Select which fields to show on the form or Add new custom fields

  1. Navigate to Settings at the header's top right corner.

You'll be able to:

a) Edit the embedded form internal name, and turn On/Off to make it Live.

b) Presentation: how is the opt-in from shown on the page. 

c) Trigger: what causes the opt-in form to be displayed.

d) Restrict views by device or time.

e) Customize a teaser when the form is closed.

f) Conversion Action: what is the form used for. 

  • Opt in to a list

  • Got to a product order form

  • Go to a URL

  • No action (just a popup)

g) After conversion: what should we do when someone has signed-up

h) Advanced settings:

  • Expiration: to turn the form off automatically on a certain date in the future

  • Blacklist URLs: add exception pages where you would not want this embedded form to be displayed over other settings anywhere else

  • Custom CSS code

  1. Save changes

To embed the form on another page…

In the content tab, copy the Embed Code that you'll paste into the source code (or using the Script section) of the page where you want the form to show (your landing page, your website homepage, etc.) This can be inside Simplero or on an external page.

Continue to the next lesson to learn how to integrate an Embedded form on a Simplero page using the section Script.

Last updated 17 Aug 2023.