Split Tests

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

Why split test?

Split tests are a great way to optimize the performance of your landing pages and web pages. 

You want your pages to convert viewers to subscribers or purchasers at the highest possible rate.  So you might split test your pages to evaluate which page section layout, headline text, or the combination of colors and media resources you use results in the best conversion rate. 

How to split test in Simplero

When creating a Split Test, you start by choosing which of your existing pages you want to run the test on.  This is called the Control page.  (Put your science hat on.  We're talking experiment with controls and hypothesis here...)

Then, you create one or more copies of that Control page in order to test specific changes (like headline text, or image choice). Those new pages are called the Variants and they will be generated when you set up the Split Test. They are also referred to as 'Challengers'. 

Once a Variant is created, you'll get access to the page editor to make the changes. You might want to rename the Variants to keep everything straight.

You'll then tell Simplero what percentage of the page traffic to send to which page in the test. This is called the page weight. You send all traffic to the URL of the Control page, tell us what percentage of that traffic to send to the Control and each Variant and and we will do the rest for you in the backend.

If your Control is already giving you high conversion rates, you might consider giving it a higher weight, minimizing the risk of losing conversions while running the test.

You can create Split Tests on web pages and on landing pages.  For the purposes of this guide, we'll use the web page example. It works exactly the same way for landing pages. 

Create a Split Test

Navigate to your Site's Pages tab and hover over the page you would like to start a Split Test on:

As soon as you click "Start Split Test" you'll be able to give the test a name, add Variants and set the Control and Challengers weights:

Editing the Control & Variants

You can edit a Split Test while the test is on Setup and Active status.

  • Make changes to the design of the Control and Variants via 
  • Edit the internal name of the Control and Variants hovering on their names to then click on 
  • Do you want to make small changes to the Control on a new Variant? >> Duplicate Control
  • You already have an existing page on your site that you'd like to test against this Control? >> Create new
  • Have you worked on the changes on the Variant and want to compare it against a third Variant with tiny little changes? >> 
  • Edit the weights dragging the indicator on the progress bar resource.

Editing the Test URL

When starting the Split Test, we randomly send traffic to the Control into the different Variants (Challengers) you create on the test. 

The URL displayed for these pages can be either the Control's URL or a custom URL.

Start the Split Test

Before you start the Split Test, check these things:

  • Control page and Variants designs ✔️
  • Weights to distribute the traffic on each of the Variants ✔️
  • Set up URL as the Control or set up a custom URL ✔️

If all the above tasks are completed now, then you are ready to start the test!

You need some more time to finish up the checklist... Save and start later instead.

You'll be able to access the Split Test editor your Site>>Pages (blue label):

Choosing a Winner & End of the Split Test

You've had your test running for a while and collected enough conversion rate data, in other words, you know which one is the winner.

Click on the active test (green label):

Choose the winner and end the test. 

From now on, all traffic to the URL will be redirected to the winner Variant. The winner will replace the page on your site completely (including the Page Editor). The Variants/Challengers will disappear.

Completed Tests

They will show on a grey label next to the page name.

You'll now be able to start new split tests on this page if you wish to :)

In a completed Split Test you'll find the test result data. If you would like to delete the split test now that it has been completed, you can do so on the delete option on the top right corner.

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