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Membership Groups

If you are using one membership site to hold multiple courses, product and you'd like all different communities to be able to connect with each other then Groups is all you need!

You'll be able to organize your members based on the group they belong to, have multiple forums under the same membership site with wider access permissions and broadcast configuration.

How to create a group under a membership site?

Go to Content>>Membership site>>Groups tab

1) Create a new group

2) Give it a public and internal name and customize the URL as well as the system default language:

3) Enable/disable the community features applying to the group forum:

4) Customize an email prefix when sending emails related to this group and Create!

You'll be able to revisit/edit all these settings on the Group>>Configure tab:

How to give access to a group?

There are multiple ways to give access to a group. The most common are listed below:

  • Product content: you'll need to grant access to the membership site before you can give access to the group in it.
  • List subscribers: navigate to the list content and give access to the membership site and group. 

*If your purchasers/subscribers do not have a Simplero ID yet, an orange button will show up for you to set them all up in one click!

  • Manually from the membership site>>members tab.

Last updated 11 Jun 2021.