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Order Forms settings

Updated on 16 Apr 2024

Order forms in most EU countries have some special requirements to follow GDPR and online checkout rules.

  1. Select Settings from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Selec Product under Sales section

Opt-in checkbox on the checkout form

In the Opt-in checkbox on the checkout form section, the default is the box checked, should you uncheck this when someone purchases a product from you they will not be automatically be added to your mailing list, they will need to check this box.

In the List to subscribe people to when they check the box section, select the List that you want them added to if they check the box on the order form. 

Show total installments amount in the order form

We will add the total amount on the order summary section in the checkout page including all future installments and order bumps included in the order:

It also makes future installments breakdown visible by default (if any):

When this option is OFF, future payments show behind a toggle instead: