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Manual Credit Card Charge

Updated on 14 Sep 2022

Manual credit card charge or Updating your customer's card

Do you have your customer's card number and wanting to charge the card for them?

Or maybe your customer needs to update their card on file but isn't savvy enough to do it via the payment management screen and instead has given you the card number. 

In order to change your customer's credit card number, you want to make sure there is a receipt with a payment due via credit card. This can be done in 3 ways. 

  1. Products > Purchases tab > Search for the customer > Locating the purchase via the purchase screen

  2. Lists & Contacts > Contacts tab > Search for the person > Locate the purchased product via their contact screen

  3. Products > Products tab > Locate the purchased product > Purchases tab > Search for the customer > Locate the purchase via the billing screen

Once you have located a purchase with an receipt and with a payment due via credit card...

  1. In the Charges & Payments box

  2. You'll see the 4 digit card number link


  3. Select the 4 digit card number link to edit the card number and click the Enter new card button in the pop-up screen


  4. The new credit card number is now listed as a method of payment.