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Simplero Translation

Updated on 23 Mar 2023

How Do I Translate System-generated Content to Another Language?

We support English and a handful of other languages so far. Languages like Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and German are either fully or mostly translated so far. We rely on volunteer help for language support, and we're always open to more translators. So if it's something that has enough value to you that you're willing to do the work, please send us a message using the Support link.

We'll then send you an invitation to do the translation. You won't be compensated, and you will need to sign over the rights to your translations to us, but then it's just a matter of getting to work, and soon your language will be included in the software going forward. We are very grateful for your time! If you're interested in participating and contributing, get in touch via the Support link in your account.

Why Is a Translation Sometimes Broken?

Most of the localizations are crowd-sourced, and so the quality may vary. If a translation has not been made for a particular piece of text, we'll show it in English.


Translation strings can include Interpolation tags. Here's an example:

Starting %{start_date}, %{name} will renew each %{duration} at %{amount}.

This string will get a date inserted where it says: %{start_date}. Same for the other interpolation tags. It's VERY important that you keep the syntax for those EXACTLY as-is. Don't insert any spaces, don't add or remove any braces or anything else about them. Keep the surrounding white-space and punctuation exactly as it needs to be for the language you're translating to.


Some strings with have HTML tags and HTML entities in them, like this string:

The email <strong>&quot;%{subject}&quot;</strong> was delivered to %{collection_type} <strong>%{collection_name}</strong>.

In that case, make absolutely sure NOT to change anything about either the <strong> and </strong> tags, or the HTML entities like ````"```. If you do, it's going to at least screw up the interface so it's unusable, or break things completely. Nobody wants that.

Beware that the automatic translation in will often mess these up, so if you rely on that, make sure to double-check after. It'll tend to insert a space after the opening angle bracket, and that WILL break things. Make sure you double-check!