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Updated on 22 Nov 2023


On Skyrocket plan, you can generate transcripts automatically! Find ‘Transcribe’ button on your video and audio assets page.

You can set certain parameters when you do, such as the language and if there’s more than one speaker.

Simplero integrates with Deepgram to generate transcriptions. Languages supported can be found on Deepgram’s documentation.

It may take a few minutes to generate the transcript. Refresh the page to find the transcript, an auto-generated summary and list of topics, at the end of the asset page.

Transcripts in Lessons

Course participants will be able to:

  • Show/hide video generated transcripts in video lessons (main video content only, not supported on additional content sections yet)

  • Follow the highlighted phrases on the transcript as the video goes on.

  • Click on any phrase on the transcript and we'll take them right to that spot on the video.

Check it out live here!


If you use captions and subtitles in your videos, you can now turn them on in your Account Settings >> Settings. Otherwise, they will be off by default.

Disclaimer! Transcripts cannot be edited once they’ve been generated.

Keywords are also not 100% accurate.

In those cases where the transcript is not as accurate as you would expect it to be, you can turn them On/Off at the video level on the right side-bar: Show in player and Show in lesson.