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How to Get Help in Simplero

Updated on 22 Dec 2023

If you are new to Simplero, we recommend watching the ‘Intro to Simplero’ course first. This will answer most of your questions and save you lots of time in the future.

Watch Intro to Simplero

In Simplero there are 4 distinct ways to get help. Below we'll walk you through who you can use for what, and which ones are free and which ones aren't. 

Free options

Help Site:

Most of the answers to your questions will likely be on our help site: From there, you can use the search bar or go straight to our How To Guides which are organized by topic.

Help Site

Support Tickets:

The little blue icon in the lower right corner, when you're on your admin dashboard, is where you can find our support team.

They can help with any small issues to any big issues. If you have a simple question on how to change the colour of a button, you can ask them. If you are encountering a bug you wouldn't expect, you can count on them too. They are free to use and always strive to reply as fast as possible, in fact at the last month they had an average response time of 29 minutes! Now that's awesome. You can also reach them on, if you don't have access to your Simplero account currently.

Live Implementation Q&A Calls:

Want to quickly hop on a call with someone that works at Simplero? Live Implementation Q&A Calls are for you then. In these calls someone that works at Simplero will be at your and others' availability, to answer pretty much any questions you may have about Simplero, or how to set something up. This is really great for you if you prefer it to be a live call with a person.

Sign up for an upcoming call

Paid options

Simplero Concierge:

Simplero Concierge is a group of expert team members from within Simplero that can help you and set up things together with you, in Simplero. They have the expertise you can rely on, and with Concierge you get peace of mind, because working with Concierge, you will know that we have your back. There are practically no limits here, other than things will be done with you and not for you. They will teach you how to set up even the most complex setups in Simplero, so you too can become an expert in Simplero.

Learn more about Concierge

Simplero Certified Experts:

The Simplero Certified Experts is a group of people that have been officially certified by Simplero, to be the top of the crop at working in Simplero. They are not Simplero staff. They are separate businesses each with their own field of expertise. If you need something done for you, these are the people you would look to hire if you want someone in your actual business, day-to-day, conquering each challenge along with you.

Learn more about our Certified Experts

Simplero Academy Group Coaching Program

The Simplero Academy Group Coaching Program is a coaching program designed by Calvin, the founder and CEO of Simplero, to help you scale your business as quick and simple as possible. He blends spirituality, strategy, software and the support you need to reach your big vision for yourself and your business. Interested? Book a call to learn more about Academy here.

Learn more about Simplero Academy