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Manual Payment or Partial Payment Collection

Sometimes your customers owe you money, but they just don't have all of it, so you'll take a partial payment for now. For those cases, we've implemented the new "Manual Collect" feature, which lets you collect their payment method on file for the amount you choose.

To add a payment manually, you will first locate the purchase. This can be done in 3 ways. 

  1. Products > Purchases tab > Search for the customer > Locating the purchase via the purchase screen

  2. Lists & Contacts > Contacts tab > Search for the person > Locate the purchased product via their contact screen

  3. Products > Products tab > Locate the purchased product > Purchases tab > Search for the customer > Locate the purchase via the billing screen

  • Once you have located the purchase scroll down to the Charges & Payments box and click on the Manual collect... button


  • Complete the payment information in the Manual collect pop-up screen and click the Collect payment button to save


One word of caution, though: With great power comes great responsibility. Collecting this way won't automatically keep your receipts in sync, so you will probably end up in a situation where you haven't issued the receipts for the payments you've received. Just something to watch out for when you do your accounting.

That said, this can be a useful tool to get at least some payment when your client isn't able to pay the full amount.

Last updated 15 Sep 2022.