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Order Form vs Freebie Link

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

Every product contains two order form links. The order form which will show the Simple prices you create and the Freebie link which allows someone to purchase the product free of charge and without putting in payment information. 

The links for these order forms can be found in the Products from your Simplero Dashboard. Their names are displayed in a white box if you click on that the order form will open in a second screen. Or if you select the clipboard next to the order form name the URL will be saved to your clipboard and can be pasted. Order_form_location

  1. Select the Product from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Products tab, select the product from your list
  3. Select the Order form tab
  4. Then the Order form screen will open and show your form settings


Notes about Freebie Order Form

You can reset a freebie link, making the old link invalid for anyone who has it. 

To reset it, simply click on the Reset freebie link underneath the Freebie link button.