Membership Site Theme

We currently offer one theme called Pop (there are more to come). To edit the theme and customize it to your branding, select the blue button in the upper right hand corner Customize Theme. 


From here you will be able to edit several areas of your site. 


In the colors section select the area you want to change. (Options are background, accet colors, border colors, text, buttons, header, footer, and sidebar) A color screen will pop up, you can either type in your color code or scan for your preferred color. Be sure to save your changes. 


In this section you can change the font of your headings and body text. 


Here you will be able to load a Logo and Favicon image


Here you can add a logo image, choose to share payment methods. and choose to have one of your navigation menus viewable. 


Here you can choose the viewing options and add content to the sidebar. 

Blog and Products

Both this sections currently allow you to have a sharing option available. 

Edit custom CSS

If you know coding we are do offer advanced custom CSS in the theme screen