Global Triggers - Targeting and Re-Targeting Leads

Updated on 16 Apr 2024

Targeting leads based off their interaction with you or Retargeting your leads is a great way to drum up sales from warm leads.

In Simplero, we have a nice way to do this automatically via our global triggers function:

Global Triggers can be performed in multiple cases...

  1. Lead score goes above value

  2. Lead score goes below value

    • These first two cases (lead score goes above/below value) have the trigger perform based on your customers’ lead score.

      For Example:

      Let’s say you have a product with a trigger that increases their lead score when they purchase (which you can add via Product > Content > Triggers):

      And you have a list with a trigger that increases their lead score when they sign up for your freebie (which you can add via List > Content > Triggers):

      Maybe you’ve added the trigger on multiple lists and products.

      Now you can set up a Global Trigger via Marketing > Triggers that performs an action when their lead score goes over a certain amount (like sending them an email with a coupon code to one of your products as a thank you for engaging with you):

      Another example would be to add them to a sales funnel automation when their lead score drops below a certain amount or increases above a certain amount, so you can retarget leads who are losing contact with you or stay in contact with your hot leads.

  3. Page at url is visited

    • This third option is based on their viewing of a URL.

      One great way to use this is for a customer who viewed your sales page but didn't order the product.

      You can have a tag added to every customer who orders, and then set up this global trigger so it adds a tag every time the sales page is viewed:

      Then you can create a segment that includes everyone with the “Visited Sales Page” tag, and excludes anyone with the “Purchased Product” tag to see who viewed the page but didn’t buy.

      Here’s our guide on how to create a segment.

    • NOTE! When using the option “Page at URL is visited”, you can’t just use any old page. A few things need to be in place on the page first:

      • The page needs to have a Simplero Embedded Opt-in Form on it.

      • The contact needs to have clicked on a link via a Simplero broadcast and not have cleared their cookies since doing so.

  4. Contact becomes unengaged

  5. Contact becomes engaged

  6. Note added

  7. Note removed

    • Numbers 6 and 7 cause the trigger to perform an action on a contact when add or remove a note from their contact record.

  8. The administrators of account has not logged in

  9. The administrators of account has logged in

GDPR notice for those doing business in the EU: Please keep in mind when using triggers based on actions of your customers that you are in compliance with GDPR, actions such as these may violate rules in regards to consent and profiling. This message does not constitute legal advice - should you have a question about compliance, please consult a lawyer. 

Retargeting by Lead Score

Utilizing the Lead Score function in Simplero allows you to not only target leads and drop them into a sales funnel but it also allows you to retarget them if their lead score starts to drop. To do this automatically follow the step below:

  1. Create your sales funnel automation

  2. Select the Marketing from your Simplero Dashboard

  3. Select the Triggers option

  4. Click the Add trigger in the upper-right hand corner:

  5. Select one of two options:

    • Lead Score Goes Above a Value - Select this option if you are looking to target leads when that is a super level of "warmth

    • Lead Score Goes Below a Value -  Select this option if you want to retarget leads who appear to be losing association with your business

  6. Enter a Value for your lead score when you want to target them. For example, if I give them 1 point for every product and list they purchase from me, I might put in when they drop below a 2 - assuming my average customer is in 1 product and 1 list giving them a lead score of 2.

    This would allow me to retarget anyone who unsubscribed from a list or canceled their product purchase.

  7. In the Do this field you will select "Start automation"

  8. A drop-down will appear where you will select the automation that you created in step #1

  9. Set any conditions you desire and click the Save changes button

Retargeting when a URL is Viewed

Do you want to target people who have viewed a specific page on your site?

  1. Create your sales funnel automation

  2. Select the Marketing from your Simplero Dashboard

  3. Select the Triggers tab

  4. Click the Add trigger in the upper-right hand corner

  5. Select the option that reads "Page at url is viewed"

  6. In the next field type in the URL for the page

  7. Select the Match type

  8. In the Do This field select Start an Automation 

  9. The Which automation field will now show and you can select the automation from step #1

  10. Set your conditionals you desire and click the Save changes button

NOTE! Remember when using this option, the page being viewed needs to have a Simplero embedded opt-in form on it - and whether or not the person completes the form doesn't matter. So maybe just embed your newsletter opt-in form on the page, or you can even embed it using the trigger option so the form doesn't show unless someone wants to see it.

And second, remember that the contact needs to click on a link to the page at some point from a Simplero broadcast first- so you may want to direct them to this URL from a broadcast rather then texting it or sharing it on social media or a course lesson. 

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