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Affiliate Programs Overview

Creating an Affiliate Program

  1.  Select Marketing and then Affiliate programs from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Select the + Create affiliate program button in the upper right corner or in the middle of your screen

  3. Complete all fields for your new affiliate program and click the Create affiliate program button to save

  4. Now to your Products, select Products from your Simplero Dashboard

  5. In the Products tab, locate and select the Product you want to add to the program

  6. Select the Selling tab within the product

  7. Scroll down to the Affiliate Settings section and click the + Add affiliate program button 

  8. Choose your affiliate program (Option to override the standard commission) and click the Save changes button

  9. Repeat steps 6-9 until all products have been added to the program.


Navigate to the Affiliate Program >> Configure tab, Commissions section:

To set up a percentage commission choose "Percentage":

Commissions are by default recurring. If you’d like to setup a specific duration of the commission, scroll down to Payout Settings >> Sunset recurring commission.

Alternatively, set up a "Fixed amount per purchase"* instead.

Adding Affiliates

You have two options for adding affiliates to the program.

 Option 1: They can self-register

To self-register, you will need to share the registration link with them. 

  1. Select Affiliate programs from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Locate and select the Affiliate Program name

  3. In your upper right corner, you'll see the Links button. Click that button and the Registration link will appear. 

  4. Select the Clipboard icon and it will be copied to your clipboard

  5. You can now paste the link and share it

Option 2: You can register your affiliate

  1. Select Affiliate programs from your Simplero Dashboard

  2. Locate and select the Affiliate Program name 

  3. Click the + Add affiliate button at the top right corner

  4. Fill in all necessary information, including their PayPal email address for payout


  5. Click the Create affiliate button to save

Sharing Affiliate Links

Affiliates can access their Links via their Affiliate account. You can always direct them to this guide on how to navigate their affiliate account. 

You can also share their link with them in a Broadcast. To do this, you would paste in your Simplero Sales page or order form URL followed by liquid_code_ref 

Paying Affiliates

You have two options to pay out Affiliates. Paypal Masspay and Manual Pay. 

Paypal MassPay

  1. Set up MassPay in your PayPal Account

  2. Open your Affiliate program

  3. Select the red button in the right sidebar that reads "Pay via PayPal MassPay"

Note: Some users will not be able to use MassPay per PayPal's Terms of use. (That includes Simplero) If this is you, then you will want to use the Manual payment option.  

Manual Payment

  1. Go to PayPal 

  2. Open a second browser with the Affiliate program

  3. Select the red "Pay Manually" button on the right sidebar


  4. Locate and select the Affiliate you want to pay

  5. Copy the Email address and note the Amount you are paying.

  6. Go to PayPal and make payment

  7. Click the green Mark Paid button in the far right next to the Affiliate name

  8. Repeat steps 3-7 until all are paid out

Last updated 14 Nov 2022.