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Troubleshooting Forum Notifications

Updated on 6 Sep 2022

In a Membership Site

Is the membership site settings correct?

  1. Select Content from your Simplero Dashboard
  2. In the Membership site tab, locate and select membership site name
  3. Select the Configure tab
  4. Scroll down to the Community features section

    MS forum settings.jpeg

Is it ON or OFF in your personal settings?

  1. Have your members check their settings by going to their profile in the membership site and selecting the notifications they desire.

    MS settings 1.jpeg
    MS 2.jpeg
  2. If all is good and they still are not receiving notifications then have them check their Spam folder. 

In a Space

Are your customers not receiving email notifications about your forum in a Space. Here are a few things to check...

Is the space setting set to notify?

  1. Go to the Configure screen within the Space and scroll down to Community features section
  2. Find the section titled "Default notification setting for new members" and make sure the first option is checked so that members get notifications


Did you check the member notifications in the Space to be sure they are set to notify?


Is it ON or OFF in your personal settings?

  1. Have your members click on their profile in the Space
  2. In the bottom right below their photo, they can see the email address where notifications are going. By selecting the change button next to it they will be able to check that they have not unsubscribed.