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Pausing your Account

Updated on 26 Feb 2024

How do I temporarily Pause my Account?

We understand there are times when you need to step out for a bit, focus on other projects, or just take a break from your business.

Simplero allows you to put your Simplero Account on hold. For a small fee, we can maintain your data and keep your business ready for when you are ready to start up again. 

To do this: 

Navigate to your Account Settings >> Plan and Billing page.

Right at the bottom, click on Delete my Simplero account… link.

After a short survey to get to know a bit more about why you are leaving Simplero, we offer the option to Pause your account at the very final step.

You can also skip the survey and pause your account directly here.

As soon as you Pause your account your dashboard will be limited to the Account Settings, Administrators and Plan and Billing pages.

We will also show you:

  1. What’ Simplero storing for you while your account is paused.

  2. How many days you have left on your subscription and when you should expect the next renewal if you re-activate.

  3. You can Resume your Subscription at any time.


  • Your Sites will show Page not Found while your account is Paused. Once you resume, they will automatically restore to the status prior to pausing (published, dripped, scheduled).

  • Before you Pause your account…

    • Update any active purchases in your Simplero account. Note that you will not be able to pause your account if there are any active purchases. You can either pause or cancel your purchases on the Purchase Summary page.
      Note: If you choose to pause your purchases and they have any current scheduled installment charges, they will continue to charge while the purchase is paused unless you delete them manually.

    • Stop or Pause your automations and auto-responses

Reach out to the Support Team if you have any further questions!