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How to Create Anchor Links

Anchor links allow you to setup a link that links to a particular part or item on a page. 

We've setup this link to be anchor link which goes to the header at the very bottom of this guide. 

Here is how to do it:

First we'll identify the part of the page we want to link to.

Click the <> icon to open the source code. 


Give the element an id. For example id="danish" (you can use any word you like instead of 'danish'). You need to make sure the id="danish" section is added to the code in the following format: <a id="danish"></a> (see screenshot below)

You'll also want to add <a id="danish"></a> to the Source Code directly to the left of the text you want to link to on the page. 


Click OK and save your changes.

You are now able to visit your anchor link URL by adding a # and the word you chose to the end of the link.

So now hyperlink the element you want to be a link. 

In the URL field put the page you want to link to followed by the # symbol and your ID. 

If the anchor link is on the same page, you can just put the # symbol and the ID. 

Last updated 9 Mar 2021.