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How to Create Anchor Links

Anchor links allow you setup a link that links to particular part or item on a page. 

We've setup this link to be anchor link which goes to the header at the very bottom of this guide. 

Here is how to do it:

First we'll identify the part of the page we want to link to.

Click the <> icon to open the source code. 


Give the element an id. For example id="danish". The id must be i


Click OK and save your changes.

You are now able to visit your anchor link URL by adding a # and the word you chose to the end of the link.

So now hyperlink the element you want to be a link. 

In the URL field put the page you want to link to followed by the # symbol and your ID. 

If the anchor link is on the same page, you can just put the # symbol and the ID. 

Header We Want to Link To

Last updated 20 Aug 2019.